Artist’s Statement

“ Some forty years ago, I watched in amazement as my first photograph came to life in a tray of developer.  The birth of our daughter eighteen years later, and those three minutes in the darkroom years before, changed my life forever.”

Gary N-ski


Gary N-ski has been an award winning photographer for over forty years. His work has been published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin State Journal, The Missoulian, Montana Trails Magazine, Anchorage Times, Pheasants Forever, Country Magazine, Hometown Newsgroup, Wisconsin Academy of Arts & Science, LodiValleyNews.Com to name a few. He’s been the photography coordinator for UW-LaCrosse Mass Communications Department, taught for the University of Alaska, Madison Area Technical College and the Glacier Conservatory of Music and Fine Arts.

Gary and his wife Deb own the Good Ideas Company LLC Since 1975 Gary has won dozens of state and national photography awards. Gary’s a founding member of the artsTribe, a visual arts collective based in Madison Wisconsin.  He’s recently exhibited at the Commonwealth Gallery, Pyle Center and the Overture Center in Madison.  He’s been a member of  the National Press Photographers Association and the American Society of Media Photographers. Gary is also a member of A.G.L.O.W. Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers and W.O.C.A. Wisconsin Outdoors Communicators Association. Gary is Owner/Founder and Co-Host of The Great Wild Radio Show.

Gary’s studio is located at 141 Lodi Street Studio B, Lodi, Wisconsin. 608-445-9452